Oatmeal: A Satisfying Superfood

This week I went back home to my parent’s house to visit my mom for mother’s day weekend. I had a chance to make these baked oatmeal cups with her and her unlimited pantry of ingredients (a nice change of pace from my few spices at my apartment at school!) We found this recipe on the internet labeled as a 21 day fix recipe but we thought they was delicious even though we aren’t necessarily on the 21 day fix diet. For those of you who don’t know what the 21 day fix diet is, here is a website that explains what it is and how it can work for you if you’re interested.IMG_7307

Going back to the recipe, it includes basic ingredients that anyone would need for oatmeal, plus a few little flavorful treats like chocolate chips, berries, or any other fruit you think you might like in your oatmeal cup. This recipe serves as sort of a guideline first, and then it gives you a chance to get creative with whatever toppings or other things you want to include. The great thing about this recipe is that not only is oatmeal extremely versatile, it is a superfood that gives your body a good healthy dose of fiber and protein.

While these were baking in the oven, me and my mom thought they smelled amazing an
d couldn’t wait to try. After letting them cool, I tried a raspberry one and she tried the strawberry and we both thought these were delicious and satisfying! They tasted as if it was a dessert thanks to the few dark chocolate chips and the sweetness from the berries. It was an added bonus that we knew these were healthy for us. Even though these require a few more ingredients than my usual recipes I include on my blog, I thought I would still share this post with you all because they were so delicious I knew I had to!
Let me know what you think if you decide to make these. Also, don’t be afraid to play with the ingredients and add your favorite fruit or even some nuts to make these unique. Have fun!


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